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I'm giving this a 10 for many reasons. But the two that actually worth a rats ass is the fact its hilarious, and that its original. Great work ev, keep it up!

Gotta go swimmin'

^What I liked^
Ha, now that was a sweet CS flash. You don't see those everyday. But I enjoyed everything, the graphics, voices, the animation. I also really liked the characters and how they were made. But the best part was the "gotta go swimmin'".

^What Needs improving^
Well I found the gore to be a little lame. It it splattered or dripping like real blood, or organs comming out, would've made it cooler. But that's all I find needs improving at the momment.

A very funny CS flash, that I really enjoyed and think a lot of people should. Good job.

Mariowned responds:

Thanks a lot man. I was hoping the blood would be so lame that it was good but I guess not. ;)

If my next cartoon has blood in it I promise to make it better.


^What I liked^
Well, it was a decent FBF. Well done also was very smooth I found. Great music to go with it aswell.

^What Needs improving^
It could be longer, and more could happen next time.

It was a nice, and enjoyable FBF flash. Good job.

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great work!

keep it up brother, i can't wait till the next one.

Bang up job.

^What I liked^
Well the flash first off was a great mix kind of a Mario, Clock Legends games. Well I really enjoyed all the sounds, graphics, animation(which was very smooth). Also the controls weren't bad at all, I also liked what you did with the moving background.

^What Needs improving^
Well nothing much to my knowledge, but you could make the bunny move so fast while jumping, but it is good either way.

I just liked the game, very fun, not to hard, killed teddy bears. Pretty much a keeper. Good job :)

Nice work.

^What I liked^
Well I above all like these type of games, and the fact you used a snowman is pure genius. Smart idea.

^What Needs improving^
Maybe add some gore, or more obstacles. Just a suggestion. Also mayeb the animation/graphics could be done better.

A fun game, decent game. Really good for when you are bored. Nice job.

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I am in awe!

I had no idea humans were capable of making such godly sounds. Was this actually constructed with a computer? Or was God channeling through you, giving this piece of music as a gift to all man kind?

MadCow responds:

thank you for the review static

I'll give you the 10.

Because you deserve it for this piece. It has possibly been one of the greatest techno tracks I have heard yet in the Audio section. Very well done and very pumping. Keep it up.


This is a amazing techno track Rage. You have outdone yourself this time. I even wanted to get up and jump all around to this, its just so "adrenaline rushing". Great job.



Sellin' dem rockz


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