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great work!

keep it up brother, i can't wait till the next one.

Bang up job.

^What I liked^
Well the flash first off was a great mix kind of a Mario, Clock Legends games. Well I really enjoyed all the sounds, graphics, animation(which was very smooth). Also the controls weren't bad at all, I also liked what you did with the moving background.

^What Needs improving^
Well nothing much to my knowledge, but you could make the bunny move so fast while jumping, but it is good either way.

I just liked the game, very fun, not to hard, killed teddy bears. Pretty much a keeper. Good job :)

Nice work.

^What I liked^
Well I above all like these type of games, and the fact you used a snowman is pure genius. Smart idea.

^What Needs improving^
Maybe add some gore, or more obstacles. Just a suggestion. Also mayeb the animation/graphics could be done better.

A fun game, decent game. Really good for when you are bored. Nice job.


Now at first I expected this to be lame, but you surprised me. A very good flash, funny voice, good animation, the whole shabang. I expect it to get a HIGH score, nice job!

Nicely done.

A very good job, and a very fun game. JRF2 is most likely the greatest stick game on neewgrounds if I do say so myself. Everything in it was met to perfection, great job Ryan.

Nicely done.

A very fun game, which deserves whatever it gets. It was fun, addicting actually. But everything in it was done to perfection I find. I only wish you could use the arrow keys to control him, that would be nice. But great job.


It was alright, good idea for a game but could be made much better. Just update the graphics music, make something like being able to jump or enemies, that would be rad. Anyways good job, and keep it up you'll get there.

Great work.

Man, I have played a lot of these "choose their death" games. But this one has to top them all, not only were the graphics and animation good, but the style and gore in it were PERFECT. Great work, keep it up.

Very Fun.

I really enjoyed this piece because of the style of the game and characters. It was pretty easy which is what I like and what makes it fun. But the animation, was smooth, aswell the physics. But you did a bang up job, keep it up.

Great work.

I really enjoyed this game, so many features, I REALLY liked the character design feature. But the game grpahics, sound, animation, motion of the character/weapons/etc was PERFECT. Music kicked to went with the game. I got really addicted to it, if that's what you were aiming for. Great work, hope there's another soon enough.



Sellin' dem rockz


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